Variable Frequency Drives Services

Pyramid Technology provides service for a wide range of Schneider Electric VFD products. Listed below are our recommended Altivar 212 and Altivar Process 600 series.

Altivar 212 Series

Orientated towards performance, intelligence, and building protection. Dedicated HVAC variable speed drive for pumps, fans, and compressors.

Focused on Building Management Systems (BMS):

  • Easy integration to building supervision network using embedded protocols.
  • Instant detection of belt breakage, pump running dry, phase failure, etc.
  • Preventive maintenance for reducing costs: fault alert, operating time, etc.
  • Energy consumption monitoring.

Focused on user-friendliness:

  • Easy set-up, commissioning and diagnostics tools: Remote graphic terminal (6 languages as standard).
  • Multi-Loader, PC Software, Bluetooth capability and SoMove Mobile software.
  • Compact size for better integration.

Focused on cost savings:

  • Reduced investment costs (embedded functionalities).
  • Quick return on investment (energy saving).

Focused on protection & efficiency:

  • Continuity of service.
  • Functions designed for buildings: fire mode, damper monitoring, mechanical protection, etc.
  • Integrated EMC filter.
  • Anti-harmonic technology (THDI   30%).

Altivar Process 600 Series

A Services Oriented Drive designed to reduce OPEX in Process & Utility installations, thanks to embedded digital services. ATV600 is a range of ready-to-order drives and custom engineered drives focused on fluids management processing and energy saving.

Altivar Process is the first Services Oriented Drive with:

  • Embedded power measurement and energy dashboard.
  • Embedded process monitoring and control.
  • Low Harmonics (THDI < 48% at 80% load or THDI < 5% with low harmonic offer).
  • Stop and Go function to reduce energy consumption in standby mode.
  • Asset monitoring and protection.
  • Drift monitoring.
  • Easy maintenance (Dynamic QR-Code).
  • Seamless integration with embedded ethernet:
    • From device to process control with the Smart Process Object.
    • From data to insights with the embedded web server.